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Abitibi Bowater chooses Kittiwake Procal Analyser for Biomass Plant

Biomass Emissions
Abitibi Bowater, the eighth largest publicly traded pulp and paper manufacturer in the world, has employed Kittiwake Procal’s continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) on its Northern Ontario paper and pulp mill.
Secured in conjunction with Kittiwake Procal’s Canadian distributor, Hydroflo, the Kittiwake Procal solution fought off competition from extractive systems. Abitibi Bowater required an integrated and flexible CEM system to meet the requirement of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a new boiler. The company chose the Procal 2000 in conjunction with the Procal 1000 control unit will monitor all gas emissions (CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, H2O), with the added local capability to measure and report particulates, flow, temperature and oxygen all directly to the supervisory computer and onto the EPA. 
To utilise waste products and reduce the cost of operating plant, many companies are installing biomass plants to generate steam and power for either their own use or to sell to the grid. With the proliferation of global and regional environmental legislation, most countries require compliance with certain criteria for anyone operating a polluting process. National environmental protection agencies are becoming increasingly vigilant in policing operating licenses and demanding regular, reliable and accurate emissions data.
Chris Daw, Kittiwake Procal CEO explained:
“Abitibi Bowater wanted a flexible in-situ CEM system with the capability to integrate third party instruments and provide comprehensive reporting capability and ensure compliance with the requirements of their operating license.”
He continued: 
“The company had a negative experience of extractive systems, which weren’t well-suited to such low temperatures and required elevated maintenance levels. By placing the analyser directly in the stack, we avoid drawing samples off the stack, down through tubes and filters to an analyser system at ground level. This significantly lowers maintenance requirements and therefore cost of ownership.” 
Kittiwake Procal’s technology utilises an integral in-situ sample cell, which can be flushed with calibration gas for in-situ zero and span calibration with certified gases without removal from the process, taking only minutes to complete. In addition to general data display and reporting features to comply with US EPA the systems will generate daily Auto Zero & Calibration reports.
Kittiwake Procal’s Canadian distributor, Hydroflo also has a dial up capability, which enables remote access to the instrument, should the customer need any support. 

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