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  • 2,500 AE Systems supplied over 20+ years monitoring bearings, gears, slide ways, rollers and structures
  • More than 30,000 Holroyd AE sensors used for industrial machinery protection
  • Early detection of damage from cracks, corrosion, friction, fatigue, shock, under lubrication...
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Kittiwake Holroyd Company Profile

Kittiwake Holroyd Ltd is a member of the Kittiwake group of companies providing innovative solutions for early detection of fault conditions in capital plant and equipment.

Kittiwake Holroyd have over 35 years experience in the application of Acoustic Emissions monitoring techniques (AE) to the arena of machinery and structural monitoring culminating in the MHC range of sensors and instrumentation.
 MHC - Machine Health Checker - technology from Kittiwake Holroyd is simple to apply, direct reading and in very many instances able to detect incipient or early fault conditions where other CM techniques have proved insensitive.

AE was developed by the aerospace industry for mission critical monitoring applications. We
developed AE techniques to provide MHC. The story of MHC is one of initial scepticism that anything so simple could work in the industrial environment. The uniqueness of the MHC is its ability to time and again cause such scepticism to evaporate when seen in use detecting the presence of faults and localising their position. Today, the technical team at Kittiwake Holroyd draw upon this experience in AE covering all facets of transducer design, signal conditioning, signal processing, applications development and data interpretation.

Combining Holroyd's experience of AE with lubricant monitoring and on-line wear metal detection availale within the Kittiwake group of companies forms a powerful condition monitoring resource for your plant and equipment.  

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