Holroyd HMI Display Box
  • Data display / logger for Holroyd Smart Sensors
  • Easy, graphical interpretation of machinery health
  • Optional traffic light beacon for easy visual checking of condition
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Display/Data Logging box for Holroyd MHC Smart Sensors

The cost of unplanned maintenance and unexpected line stoppage can far outweigh the cost of replacement components. Using condition monitoring to measure the machinery state in real time allows corrective actions to be taken prior to any unplanned outage, thus reducing the overall cost of machinery maintenance.
Parker Holroyd's proven Acoustic Emissions Technology has been used by many industry leading companies for over 20 years to monitor critical machinery and to indicate any degradation in condition, allowing maintenance staff to take the right corrective actions. Using simple to understand parameters, along with the background dB noise level, trending of a bearing's condition is easily achieved.
The Parker Holroyd line of Smart Sensors (DS1 and SM1 sensors) allow these accurate measurements to be made in permanently installed situations, giving 24/7 protection of your critical assets. Parker Holroyd's Human Machine Interface (HMI) box allows easy interfacing and display of multiple Smart Sensors to a single display unit, allowing monitoring of machinery condition from one central location.
Variety of reporting methods: - Use the HMI directly or over an ethernet / intranet connection, email alerts triggered by alarms, relays to trigger user equipment on alarms (e.g. shut down machine if damage gets above a certain level).
The HMI can record data from up to 10 sensors and process that data to provide a Red / Amber / Green status for each sensor, based on user specified alarm levels. The optional beacon allows the machine status to be observed from a distance, allowing multiple machines to be observed from a central control location.

Alarms can trigger any combination of the following:

  • Colour change on the screen (also viewable remotely)
  • Colour change on the traffic light beacon
  • Email alerts to user specified email addresses
  • If the beacon is not used there are 4 user usable relays - All sensors green, one or more sensors amber, one or more sensors red, and one or more sensors amber or red. If the RAG beacon is used, the 1st three relays are used by the beacon - only the ‘one or more sensors amber or red’ is available to the user.
Key Fetures of the HMI Box include:
  • Quick visual check of condition
  • Trending and graphing of historical data
  • Multiple data outputs available, including via intranet connection and e-mail alerts
  • Data stored on CF card for long term trending
  • User configurable setup (sensor numbers/types/outputs/log time/alarm levels), to suit  each application
Product Code  Description
FG-H19961-KH MHC-HMI for use with up to 2 Holroyd Smart Std or Smart Slo sensors
FG-H19962-KH MHC-HMI for use with up to 4 Holroyd Smart Std or Smart Slo sensors
FG-H19963-KH MHC-HMI for use with up to 6 Holroyd Smart Std or Smart Slo sensors
FG-H19964-KH MHC-HMI for use with up to 8 Holroyd Smart Std or Smart Slo sensors
FG-H19965-KH MHC-HMI for use with up to 10 Holroyd Smart Std or Smart Slo sensors
FG-H19922-KH Red / Amber / Green Beacon for any of the above
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