How to Apply MHC
  • Attach the sensor.  Magnetic or permanent of manual mounting
  • Turn on the MHC instrument.  Allow 15 seconds for the reading to stabilise
  • Take the reading. The machine is either good or will need attention.  As easy as 1,2,3
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Acoustic Testing - It really can be this EASY!

CM step 1STEP 1
Attach the sensor. Attachment can be permanent, magnetic or manual mounting using extended probes where access is difficult. 

Step 2STEP 2
Switch on the Memo instrument. Note, SetPoint and SloPoint sensors are also available for permanent installations that do not require a Memo instrument to provide a reading.

Step 3STEP 3
Allow 15 seconds to stabilise.  If the Distress® is less than 10 then all is OK and we can move on. If not then plan for intervention before failure becomes inevitable.

The power of MHC reliability centred maintenance lies in the fact that it directly detects the physical processes such as friction, impacts and metal removal associated with failure. MHC acoustic testing can be applied to virtually all rotating machinery including those traditionally difficult areas such as slow speed machinerybearing  analysis and complex gearboxes. The key to the success in the industrial environment lies in its high sensitivity to machine faults and an inherent immunity to audible noise and low frequency vibrations. Because of this, MHC is ideally suited to the shop floor where the background levels of noise and vibration are likely to be high and variable.

Typical uses
  • Instantly categorises machines as 'OK' or 'Suspect'
  • Rank 'Suspect' machine vibration in terms of problem severity
  • Monitor the rate of degradation of 'Suspect' machines
  • Set levels at which action needs to be taken
 AE gives you these important benefits:
  • Lower cost - both purchase and ownership costs
  • Simpler to set-up - no need to feed in machine design details
  • Easier to interpret - common interpretation across different machines
  • Wider application - gearboxes, RE & plain bearings, slow speed etc.
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