Practical examples of MHC
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Using MHC in Condition Monitoring

Data below has been simplified for illustration but reflects real world data taken by customers using AE technology on operating machinery.

In the illustration below, 3 of the 5 motors have a Distress® value > 10.  This information was obtained from a single snapshot using a MHC Memo instrument.  As such, there was no need for calculations or previous machine knowledge - it's instant.  The motor bearings were re-greased. However, since this gave no significant improvement it was clear that permanent damage had occurred. A maintenance action was logged to replace the bearings in a timely fashion and before unplanned shutdown became inevitable.

Condition Monitoring

In the next illustration, the Distress® parameter highlighted a potential gearbox problem in Month 1. The application was non critical to plant operation but typical of many similar installations within the same facility.  The user was new to AE and it was decided to trend the results to failure so as to better understand the applicability. dB Level was trended to track progressive wear on a monthly basis. dB Level typically increases exponentially as the defect becomes serious. The gearbox appeared perfect to the site engineer even in month 5 but seized shortly after.

Montoring Trending Failure

The data below is similar to the first illustration, but with a more successful outcome.  In this instance, a snapshot was taken of the Distress® level for two motor bearings, with readings taken every month. When bearings are found with a Distress® value > 10, its time to re-grease. Following the maintenance intervention, a further snapshot was taken. The reduction in Distress® confirms the improvement. No need to know speed, bearing type, meshing speed ........

finding lube

In the last example, Distress® measurements revealed a developing problem, dB Level would also confirm this but there was no need for such confirmation as the problem was so obvious and beyond what would typically be corrected by an improved lubrication regime.  All bearings were replaced under planned shutdown conditions.  This resulted in an immediate reduction in Distress® value, confirming a successful repair.  As simple as falling off a log.

confirm repair

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