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  • Machinery monitoring - early indication of failure and poor lubrication
  • Structural monitoring - identification of non-linear failure mechanisms in critical structural elements
  • Process integrity - location of systemic gas leaks and other valve seat leakage mechanisms
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Rotating Machinery Analysis

Rotating Machine Vibration Analysis

Holroyd MHC technology has applications to prevent machinery failure, including rotating machinery and machine vibration analysis, across a wide range of industries from Marine through Nuclear to Building Services and Mining. The list of machinery condition monitoring applications is extensive; some of those applications, like machine vibration analysis, are covered in this section. Within each industry you will find:
  • a summary for one application within that industry
  • a more explanative datasheet
  • a short case study where relevant.
Have a look also at the Information Centre for further information around MHC Technology and its application. The range of applications can be summarised as:

Rotating Machinery Analysis

Rotating machinery analysis - for condition monitoring, vibration analysis offers better solutions.  Ball, needle or roller bearings, slide ways, rollers, gears and bushings etc.

Rotating Machinery Condition Monitoring - With rotating machinery condition monitoring you can monitor high speed spindle bearings at many thousand rpm, right down to kiln support rollers <35 rpm, constant or even stop start operation from stacker or straddle cranes. This is the core user base for MHC Technology. Don't let technology failure slow you down. Acquire the best in machinery condition monitoring.

Structural Failure Monitoring & Integrity

Structural Monitoring & Integrity - bridges, cranes, tank farms etc. Long term structural failure monitoring for stress, fatigue or corrosion induced cracking.  Focused or network sensor installation allows you to monitor a critical component or identify crack propagation throughout the structure.

Progress Integrity

IndustriesProcess integrity - gas, air or steam leaks, valve seat security etc. Find those annoying and expensive air leaks, locate steam leaks even under insulation. See which valves are passing and how badly, so that maintenance is targeted and verified.
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