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Kittiwake acquires leading emissions monitoring company Procal

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Kittiwake Developments, a leading global provider of asset protection technology, today announced the acquisition of Procal, a world-leading manufacturer of in-situ, multi component continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS).
With the proliferation of global and regional environmental legislation, most countries require compliance with certain criteria for anyone operating a polluting process. National environmental protection agencies are becoming increasingly vigilant in policing operating licenses and demanding regular, reliable and accurate emissions data. 
The newly-named Kittiwake Procal can supply CEMS for a very wide range of applications, spanning power generation, marine and offshore, cement, incineration, refineries, paper and pulp, steel, nitric acid and fertilisers. Complying with international standards including EN14181 and US EPA 40 cfr Parts 60 & 75 for the measurement of NO, NO2, SO2, CO, CO2, H2O, the in-situ analysers monitor and measure emissions accurately and reliably. This contrasts dramatically with the high maintenance requirements of extractive CEM systems that can incur additional costs to ownership. 
Chris Leigh-Jones, Director, Kittiwake Developments explained: 
“There are clear synergies between the two businesses. Like Kittiwake, Procal’s customers span the globe and rely upon products for market-leading testing and analysis solutions across a multitude of different applications. There is no doubt that Procal’s analysers offer clear advantages over alternative solutions within an expanding and ever-vital market place for reliable emissions monitoring.” 
He continued:  “When I came across Procal while seeking Sulphur Oxide (SOx) emissions data from a passenger ferry, their CEMS was the only one that provided accurate measurements and proved rugged enough to withstand the environmental challenge. You might say, we liked it so much we bought the company!”
The in-situ design brings further cost savings as installation is minimal compared with extractive systems, translating into lower tubing and cabling costs, particularly if other analysers form part of the emissions system. The flexibility of the Kittiwake Procal CEMS enables an integrated system capable of receiving data from other instruments, which typically measure parameters such as oxygen, opacity/dust and velocity. In addition to displaying, data logging and retransmitting, the Kittiwake Procal system can use this data to correct the readings to normalised levels.
Chris Daw, Kittiwake Procal MD, commented:
“The Procal business is 25 years old in December, and this new alliance with Kittiwake provides a solid platform for growth going forward. Our new, bolstered infrastructure provides the scope to capitalise upon increasing market opportunities, and we remain committed to an ambitious development programme, which will result in a range of advanced CEMS to meet future market and legislative demands worldwide.”
Leigh-Jones concluded: 
“Environmental compliance is one of the main drivers for adoption of this technology - it can literally mean the difference between the license to operate and being shut down. But it is this, coupled with the cost benefits of control and efficiency that sets the Kittiwake Procal CEMS apart. 
“This latest addition to the Kittiwake product portfolio ensures that we continue to provide our customers with market-leading asset control and protection solutions that directly impact the bottom line. We’re looking forward to working with this dedicated team of specialists, with years of experience in the design, manufacture and support of CEMS to provide cost effective compliance and control.”
Despite the challenging financial climate, Kittiwake Developments has achieved approaching 10% growth on last year. The acquisition follows the launch of ThrusterSCAN, a new product for the offshore marketplace, and the appointment of a new CEO for its US operations. Kittiwake continues to explore various expansion strategies to achieve ambitious growth plans, with further significant announcements expected in early 2011. 

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