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Kittiwake Procal Wins Tender for Tuas South Incineration Plant in Singapore

Incineration emissions
Kittiwake Procal has won the public tender for continuous emissions monitoring analysers for the Tuas South incineration plant in Singapore. The Tuas South incinerator upgrade was completed this year and its capacity of 800,000 tons per annum makes it the largest plant of its kind. Together with the other three incineration plants, and the offshore Semakau Landfill, the plan aims to meet the refuse disposal needs of Singapore and help achieve a clean living environment for Singaporeans. 
The high plastic content of today’s domestic rubbish means that the incineration process emits Hydrogen Chloride (HCl). It is unacceptable to emit high volumes of HCl into the atmosphere, so plant operators spray lime powder into the process to neutralise the acid gases. This process is over 90% efficient, ensuring that the majority of HCl is neutralised before entering the atmosphere. 
Kittiwake Procal’s in-situ analysers monitor H20, CO2, HCI, SO2, CO on both the inlet and outlet of the scrubbers. This not only measures emissions, but also enables the plant operator to monitor and control the required lime injection to optimum efficiency.
The customer needed a reliable and flexible in-situ CEM system, with the capability to provide comprehensive reporting to ensure compliance with the requirements of their operating license. In conjunction with the Procal 1000 control unit, the Procal 2000 monitors all gas emissions, as well as measuring and reporting particulates, flow, temperature and oxygen simultaneously.
The contract with Tuas South follows 16 years of reliable analysis on three other incinerators in Singapore. The gas at the inlet of the scrubber is highly corrosive and demands an extremely rugged and robust instrument that is specifically designed for the application. 
Bryan Divall of Kittiwake Procal’s Far-East distributor, Twin Tek, explained: 
“Over the last 16 years, Kittiwake Procal analysers have been progressively installed on each of the large incinerator plants in Singapore; Ulu Pandan, Tuas, Senoko and now Tuas South. This is testament not only to the suitability of the Procal 2000 for this particular application, but also the reliability of the product which requires minimal maintenance, especially in comparison to the alternative extractive systems.”

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