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Portable Vibration Measurement Equipment

Holroyd MHC portable vibration measurement equipment can be used for both ad hoc and periodic CM measurements on rotating machinery. Ad hoc measurements can be useful for checking a newly installed / repaired machine and for prioritising maintenance effort prior to a shut down.

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However the greatest benefit to be gained with a portable MHC instrument results from regular periodic measurements since this reveals the trend. Whilst an upward trend in readings is a problem, as the urgency of remedial (or investigative) action increases, the faster the readings increase. Software and the associated database are specifically aimed at recording periodic readings and assisting the user in visualising any machinery degradation that this reveals.

Machine database structure

The MHC-Memo Pro and its associated PC analysis software is specifically designed for periodic monitoring. The basic steps involved in this can be summarised as follows:

INITIAL SET UP (you can add more points to your initial set up at any time)
  • Identify machines to be monitored and points on each machine where measurements will be made (consider fitting a mounting pad where machine surfaces are not flat, smooth or magnetic)
  • Note whether the rotational speed at that point is greater or less than 35rpm. If less than 35rpm note how many seconds are involved in one revolution
  • Using the Analysis Pro software, enter the above information into the machine database. From the machine database create walk around routes in the most logical sequence (e.g. walking along one side of a production line and then back up the other side)
  • Set the calendar function to remind you when it's time to take measurements on each side of the routes you have created

  • Load the routes of current interest into the MHC-Memo instrument, follow the instructions on the display as it guides you around each route and stores the readings
  • The MHC-Memo Pro automatically sets itself up for each measurement

  • Transfer the readings from the MHC-Memo Pro to the PC via the USB interface
  • All readings are compared with default (or user set) alarm limits and an Exception Report is automatically generated. Trend plots for all affected points in the machine database are also updated whenever fresh readings are transferred to the PC and can be viewed at any time
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