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  • Rapidly screen 95% of your plant and equipment to focus on the real problem. Save time and effort
  • No requirement to understand geometry, operating speed or history
  • Detect faults in very slow running machines and slides ways or even in frequent stop start operation
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Acoustic Emissions Technology - Machinery Health Monitoring

Holroyd AE technology is based around their MHC - Machinery Health Check system. A system proven in many thousands of industrial applications over very many years. The products range can be sensibly grouped in to the categories below covering fixed and portable sensors, fixed and portable instruments and data loggers, spares, accessories and consumables. 

Memo Pro and sensor
  MHC On-site instruments - a portable instrument for use with MHC 1000 Series sensors for machinery health monitoring. Available in a number of versions dependant of your data logging and display requirements.  Can be pre programmed with maintenance routes and machinery identification for data download.
SloPoint and SetPoint  MHC On-line instruments - permanently installed instruments, require input from 2000 or 3000 Series sensors. Sensors can be coupled directly or up to 16 can be addressed using an instrument node greatly expanding the monitoring capability.

Emission sensors  1000 Series sensors - compatible with MHC On-site instruments, similarly the workhorse of MHC sensor range.  Cylindrical bodied instruments for fixed or permanent mount. Various sensor head treatments for challenging environmental conditions. Available also for air/gas leak detection.

Ultraspan sensor    2000 Series sensors - 10V drive sensors for permanent installation. Available in low profile (square) or standard profile (cylindrical) format.  Fitting and coating options available to suite your unique application. 

  Sensor group 3000 Series sensors - 24V drive sensors for permanent installation, comparable range and specification to the 2000 Series.  

MHC Sigma sensor  4000 Series sensors - these are new and feature packed sensor range for permanent installation.  Sensors have pre processed outputs for direct connection to alarm, data logging or SCADA process control systems.  Unique capabilities include monitoring of very slow and intermittent operation. 

 Sigma Interface Unit Ancillary equipment - a catchall covering Nodes, Data reporting software, Interface Units, Cables, Junction boxes indeed all those handy small parts that have been found useful over the last 20 years of customer feedback.  
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