• Entry level instrument for users only requiring Standard mode operation
  • Proven Holroyd technology for class leading condition monitoring
  • Simple and easy to use. No knowledge of complicated Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT's) required
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The MHC-Classic is the entry level, advanced bearing monitor. It features Standard mode with a 4 measurement point hold and temporary store feature. Press the ON button, couple the magnetic sensor to the machine and you’re away. It couldn’t be easier. The simple display is easy to interpret and requires no knowledge of Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT's), unlike vibration analysis.

The Hold and Store function let’s you compare readings on different machines (or parts of the same machine) to home in on the problem and the supplied headphones are a great help in identifying the type of activity, allowing the user to pinpoint the nature of the fault.

Combined with the optional MHC-Airborne sensor and using the provided headphones, the unit also provides a powerful detection capability for air and vacuum leaks.
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