MHC-Memo Pro
  • Top of the range hand held device featuring Standard and Super-Slo modes
  • Full spectrum capture and analysis capability with the included software
  • Route logging facility for multiple plant routes
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MHC-Memo Pro - the ultimate tool for condition monitoring

The MHC-Memo Pro is the top of the range hand held device, featuring enhanced analysis capability, for those looking for the absolute instrument to assist their condition monitoring program.

The MHC-Memo Pro is able to monitor a near unlimited number of machines on a periodic basis. In addition to storing Standard and Super-Slo modes within its walk around routes, the MHC-Memo Pro can also store manually input values from any other device (e.g. a pressure gauge, kVA meter etc.). The MHC-Memo Pro can hold up to 6 routes at a time, each having up to 435 measurement points within a Site, Area, Machine & Point hierarchy. The unit can also be set to auto log readings at a set interval so that machine performance can be monitored and measured in areas where it may be hazardous to be present during operation (alternatively, a permanently installed Smart sensor may be used for such applications, see our 4000 series range).

To find out more on how the MHC-Memo Pro can help you as part of your condition monitoring programme, contact us today.

The inclusion of Super-Slo mode allows bearings on many slowly rotating applications to be easily analysed, e.g. slew bearings on cranes, tank stirers etc. This is very difficult to achieve using traditional Vibration Analysis techniques.

Supplied in a rugged case for protection from the hardest knocks, the MHC-Memo Pro comes with noise defending headphones, communications leads, a standard and a 225 mm extension probe and a software CD. Additionally, combined with the optional MHC-Airborne sensor and using the provided headphones, the unit provides a powerful detection capability for air and vacuum leaks.

All readings can be downloaded to the Memo View Pro software package supplied as standard. Memo View Pro features Trend plots, Alarm Levels, Exception Reports, Missed Points List and User Notes. The addition of Capture Spectrum and AutoLog functions make the Memo Pro the ultimate tool for Condition Monitoring specialists.

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