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Vibration Analysis Equipment

A condition monitoring system is concerned with the early detection of failure. Vibration Monitoring systems, whether traditional techniques based on displacement, or acoustic emissions techniques, form part of your CM Maintenance tool chest. Machinery vibration analysis equipment is part of a machine monitoring system that aims to provide months of warning of developing problems and there is the potential for both on- and off-line implementation subject to capability and level of available technology for the techniques applied.

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Acoustic Emissions - Machine Vibration Analysis

Vibration monitoring equipment uses techniques based on the use of accelerometers, which are well known in the field of CM. Vibration analysis can be classified in to three categories that are explained in the sub sections below:

  • VM - Vibration Monitoring (ISO 10816) - is it evidently shaking itself - monitor by operator or transducer
  • VA - Vibration Analysis (ISO 13373) - what is internally causing the vibration - monitor by transducer, analyse and interpret by operator
  • AE - Acoustic Emissions (ISO 22096) - monitoring the energy from impact and stress - monitor by transducer with direct interpretation
  • CM - Condition Monitoring, for completeness, there is a series of ISO documents providing guidance around CM competencies for maintenance personnel (ISO 18436)

Acoustic Emission Machinery

There are many approaches which fall under the umbrella term CM, including acoustic emission monitoring systems and machinery vibration analysis.  Each has its features and areas of excellence as illustrated in the table below:

Relative Inputs in to CM Assessment
Human Senses Human Senses
Temperature Airbourne Noise
Energy Consumption Lubricant Condition
Process Quality Wear Debris
Vibration VA Corrosion & Crackin
Process Perameters (CEMS) Leak Detection

Available from Parker Kittiwake

Techniques in BLUE = Technologies available from Parker Kittiwake

Parker Kittiwake focuses on techniques like an acoustic emission system that provide for the greatest protection or longest period of warning for potential damage and eventual failure. Machine monitoring systems can help prevent the worst!  When problems are identified, the use of two (or more) appropriate technologies may provide a more complete picture of the likely failure mechanism.

Comparison of the main machinery CM techniques
Sensor Position Not Critical Critical Not Critical Not Critical Critical
Expertise Low High Medium Medium High*
Applicability Wide Wide Wide Wide Medium
Damage Detection Early Early Low-Med Early Medium
Low Speed Sensitivity High Low Low High High
  Available from Kittiwake  
AE - Acoustic Emissions Parker - Holroyd Technology
VA - Vibration Analysis
IRT - Infra Red Thermography  
OA - Oil Analysis Kittiwake Analex Technology
WDA - Wear Degree Analysis Parker Kittiwake technology, built-in data processing and require low level of expertise for accurate data interpretation.

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