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Online Vibration Monitoring

Holroyd instrumentContinuous or On-line Monitoring involves permanently installed sensors. Suitable Holroyd MHC products fall into two categories:

1.   DIN rail signal processing modules with separate AE sensors
2.   Smart AE sensors with built-in signal processing

Continuous monitoring allows alarms to be triggered when levels increase beyond user set limits. It also allows trends in the readings to be observed to give an indication of the urgency of the need for action. Unlike periodic measurements it is possible to respond to rapid failure modes when continuous monitoring is employed.

Holroyd MHC products for on-line monitoring can be used in the following ways:
  • Standalone - Alarm outputs from the instrument or smart sensor are used to illuminate local LED indicators or switch an appropriate relay coil to activate a beacon or switch off a machine etc...
  • As an input into a PLC - Alarm outputs are fed into a PLC which communicates the Alarm condition via the existing communications infrastructure
  • As an input into a SCADA system - Processed analogue signal outputs (e.g. Distress® and dB Level) are used as inputs into a SCADA system where they can be used for alarm and trending purposes
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