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Vibration Monitoring Information

The sequence of events when interpreting AE measurements is the reverse of that with VA:
  • AE: Alert > Trend > Diagnose only if required
  • VA: Data process (FFT) > Diagnose all readings > Trend > Alert
When you consider the above in the knowledge that...

        a)   Diagnostics requires the most expertise and effort
        b)   Most machinery spends most of its life in good condition
        c)   With AE, diagnostics is not always seen as a requirement

...the practical advantages of AE as a front line tool in your Condition Monitoring armoury becomes very clear.

Comparison of the main machinery CM techniques
Sensor Position Not Critical Critical Not Critical Not Critical Critical
Expertise Low High Medium Medium High*
Applicability Wide Wide Wide Wide Medium
Damage Detection Early Early Low-Med Early Medium
Low Speed Sensitivity High Low Low High High
  Available from Parker Kittiwake  
AE - Acoustic Emissions Parker - Holroyd Technology
VA - Vibration Analysis
IRT - Infra Red Thermography  
OA - Oil Analysis Kittiwake Analex Technology
WDA - Wear Degree Analysis

Parker Kittiwake technology, built-in data processing and require low level of expertise for accurate data interpretation.

Further Reading:
  • ISO 22096 - 'Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines - Acoustic Emission'
  • ISO 18436 - 'Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines - Requirements for training & certification of personnel'
  • Acoustic Emissions & Ultrasonics - Author: T Holroyd, ISBN 1-90189-207-7, published by Coxmoor Publishing, 2000
  • Non-destructive Testing Handbook, 3rd Edition: Volume 6, Acoustic Emission Testing - Authors: Miller, Ronnie K. et al. ISBN 1-57117-106-1, published by ASNT, 2005
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